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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Woodwork by Decorators Supply


Lead Time:  3-4 weeks is typical

Returns:  All items are made to order.  Returns/refunds cannot be accepted.

The earliest documentation we have found of our line of column capitals, pilaster capitals and corbels can be found in a 1902 publication entitled the “Universal Design Book” reprinted by Dover Publications in 1996.  This 1902 publication contains copyrighted illustrations dated 1899 that still appear in our current catalog #127 – "Illustrated Catalogue of Capitals & Brackets".

We are unique in the industry in that we build our over 900 sizes of column capitals,  pilaster capitals and corbels, by hand – milling out the wood form to exact specifications to receive the highly detailed composition carvings that are attached to the wood form.  For example, we apply over 60 individual castings to the wooden armature of our Roman Corinthian Capitals.


  Historically Correct Designs - Supplier to High End Column Manufacturers and Custom Wood Shops
  As Good As Custom - Over 900 Styles/Sizes Available
  Hand Built to Exacting Specifications
  Custom Shapes Available – Square, Half Round, Inner and Outer Corners etc.

View 8 Available Custom Shapes

  100% American Made  
  Paint Grade Plaster Options Often Available