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Art Nouveau:  An international style of decoration and architecture of the late 19th century and early 20th centuries, is characterized particularly by the depiction of leaves and flowers in flowing, sinuous lines.

The Art Deco Style, began in France but popularized in America, on the other hand, consists largely of low relief geometrical designs, often in the form of parallel straight lines, zigzags, chevrons and stylized floral motifs.

Art Deco & Art Nouveau

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Wall Panel Design 4-9838 12ft-9936-ornate-french-Decorators Supply
Wall Panel Design 4-9838 12ft-9936
Part #: 9838PANEL

Art Deco-appliques-for-woodwork-furniture-Decorators Supply
Art Deco
Part #: 9629

Art Deco-Floral- 21H X 5W-appliques-for-woodwork-furniture-Decorators Supply
Art Deco-Floral- 21H X 5W
Part #: 9614

Art Deco-Floral- 20H X 3 3/8W-appliques-for-woodwork-furniture-Decorators Supply
Art Deco-Floral- 20H X 3 3/8W
Part #: 9613

Art Deco- 8H X 10 1/4W - 3/8Relief-appliques-for-woodwork-furniture-Decorators Supply
Art Deco- 8H X 10 1/4W - 3/8Relief
Part #: 9633

Art Deco- 11H X 6W - 3/16Relief-appliques-for-woodwork-furniture-Decorators Supply
Art Deco- 11H X 6W - 3/16Relief
Part #: 9625