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Decorators Supply Corporation traces its history back to 1883 when the original founders, Simon Strahn and Richard C. Foster, established a partnership to manufacture "artistic decorative accessories" ("Manufacturing and Wholesale Industries of Chicago", Thomas B. Poole Co., published 1918). An old lease document dated April 13, 1890 describes the company as a carving and guilders business. By 1893, Decorators Supply had blossomed into a manufacturer of cast ornamental plaster. We became one of the manufacturers of the mouldings that would adorn the buildings and halls showcased in the Columbian Exhibition of 1893. These buildings, embellished with ornamental plaster, became known as the "White City."  The World's Fair of 1893 attracted a wealth of world class artists, sculptors, carvers and craftsmen to Chicago. Decorators Supply drew from this rich talent pool the German, Italian and Polish artisans who over the following four decades would create the artistic legacy seen today in our product offerings.


Our ornamental work can be found in many historic buildings, including:
  Jimmy Carter Library
  Gerald R. Ford Museum
  Smithsonian Institution
  United States Capitol Building
  National Gallery of Art


Today we continue to supply ornaments to a wide range of clients including architects, interior designers, builders, high end and custom furniture builders, movie and stage design professionals and of course homeowners.

  VIDEO | ABOUT DSC (8 mins)

- An overview of our history & manufacturing process


- Collage of old ads, factory shots, and other interesting historical images