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Decorators Supply Offers 18 Distinct Millwork for Furniture Collections

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Bead Leaf
Bead & Barrel Leaf & Berry
Coin Palmette
Egg & Dart Reeded
Floral Rope
Fluted Rosette
Geometric Scroll
Greek Key Vitruvian Wave
Lambs Tongue Weave

Millwork – Furniture:

Composition (“compo”) mouldings supplied by Decorators Supply are unique from those supplied by other manufacturers for two (2) reasons:

1)  Our material is an all- natural product with an impressive pedigree. The famous British architect Robert Adam is documented to have used compo ornaments in his works during the late 1700’s. We have supplied this material to custom furniture and millwork companies for well over 100 years.

2)  The master carvings from which our moulds are created were all hand carved by European trained carvers who emigrated to the New World in the late 1800’s.  You will find within our offering a dazzling array of mouldings spanning all major architectural styles and periods.


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