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Decorators Supply is a 3rd generation family business offering the most authentic collection of classic ornaments in the country.  During our formative years (1885 – 1920), we employed over twenty full time master carvers and modelers who immigrated to Chicago from Europe during or shortly after the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893.  It is these European-bred artisans who created our master carvings and molds.  We have carefully preserved these priceless masters since their creation so that the ornaments we manufacture today are true classics with direct lineage to master European artisans.

Decorators Supply manufactures a wide range of products in our Chicago factory.  We have three distinct shops and product lines.  Here is a brief overview of our shops and the products that they produce:

Wood Composition Shop

  • Manufacture over 16,000 ornaments for woodwork-furniture and walls & ceilings
  • Wood composition (aka “compo”) is comprised of all natural materials
    • Its formulation dates back hundreds to the time of the Egyptians
    • Used extensively in Europe with documented use by the famous 18th Century English Architect Robert Adam
    • One of the first thermoplastics – it can be bent and shaped if “steamed” first!
    • Fantastic detail – cast by hand under pressure to create classic detailing not available except through the use of highly skilled and expensive carvers

Plaster Shop

  • Comprised of all natural ingredients:  #1 moulding plaster, water, and reinforcing hemp
  • Hand cast from historic moulds for exquisite detail
  • Installed utilizing standard carpentry tools
  • Material of choice in homes of distinction
  • Products offered in plaster:
    • Ceiling medallions
    • Full panel ceilings
    • Tracery ceilings
    • Crown & panel mouldings
    • Column capitals & pilaster capitals
    • Corbels
    • Niche shells
    • Wall & ceiling ornaments

NOTE:  Many of these designs can be supplied in an exterior grade material

Wood Shop

  • Furniture grade and hand assembled by union craftsmen
  • Unique to the industry – manufacture our designs utilizing hand milled wood forms with applied composition ornaments
  • Largest selection of interior column capitals and pilaster capitals in the country
  • Products offered
    • Column Capitals – Made to fit 1” to 18” columns
    • Pilaster Capitals – Made to fit 1” to 18” columns
    • Fireplace matels
    • Corbels
    • Valances