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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Composition Ornaments


Lead Time:  1-2 weeks, normally

Order Minimum:  $100.00 + Shipping - All Items Made to Order

Returns:  All items are made to order.  Returns/refunds cannot be accepted.

Decorators Supply is widely recognized in the interior design and architectural community as manufacturers of the most extensive, authentic and finely crafted carving ornaments in the industry.  Our carving library exceeds over 16,000 ornaments spanning all major periods and styles.

From these carvings we manufacture beautifully detailed composition (“compo”) reproductions, utilizing a formula comprised of all natural ingredients.  This formula dates back hundreds of years. In fact the famous English architect Robert Adams (for whom the Adams Style is named) utilized composition ornaments on many of his furniture pieces back in the mid – 1700’s,  and compo ornaments appear in the collections of major museums, including the Winterthur, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts.

Being comprised of all natural ingredients, our ornaments are best when applied within a few weeks of receipt while still fresh & pliable.  See our Installation/Finishing section for video and written instructions for installation recommendations.  We offer two (2) Videos:

  1. Non Steaming Method:  Best for non-lineal applications onto flat surfaces
  2. Steaming Method:  Primarily used when you are either:  A)  Applying our designs onto a curved surface or B)  Applying large footages of our lineal designs.

NOTE:  Typical cast length in this product line is around 12”, but varies from design to design.

NOTE:  Our composition material is recommended for interior use only.  Contact us for assistance with options for exterior applications.