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CAD Files - CAD Drawings

CAD Files

Decorators Supply is pleased to offer CAD files (Computer Aided Drafting) of our most popular designs. These drawings are supplied in both AutoCad compatible DWG format as well as in TIF format line drawings. Note: The DWG files will work for AutoCAD versions 2000 or later.  

Unfortunately with over 16,000 items to choose from, CAD files are not available for all items. Due to our vast selection of very specialized designs, many items are ordered quite infrequently (once every 2-3 years). While we hope to build our CAD library over time, currently only our most popular designs have CAD file.

Accessing CAD Files

CAD files will be accessible at the part number level. The easiest way to determine if CAD is available for a particular item is as follows:

  1. Utilizing the search box in the upper right corner of our website, type in the part number you are interested in
  2. Select the item you are interested in
  3. If CAD is available for this part number, you will find two links immediately below “Our Collection Features”. The link entitled 'Image" will access the TIF file while the link entitled CAD will access the DWG file. If these links do not exist, no CAD files are available at this time for that part number